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Bitumen Tank Container manufacturer from China

There are many types of transportation of Bitumen or asphalt, including tank transportation, soft package transportation and barrel transportation. Tank transportation include Tank car and tank train. Bitumen Tank Car is suitable for medium and short-distance transportation of liquid bitumen; Tank train is suitable for long-distance transportation, transporting bitumen from refinery or wharf to storage warehouse or directly to construction site.

Flexible soft packaging asphalt is a way of short-distance transportation. The bitumen is packed into plastic film bags and packaged with kraft paper. General transport vehicles can meet the requirements. Barrel transportation is to load bitumen into big barrels. Each barrel can hold about 160kg bitumen, which needs to be filled and towed.

Bitumen tank container by China manufacturer 1

In the Chinese market, bitumen container transportation has been put into use since 2009; the bitumen tank container can be used for highway, railway, and vessel transportation, very convenient for the long distance- water, land transportation. In recent years, the applications of bitumen tank containers have increased year by year. The economy of bitumen tank container transportation is obvious:

  1. Integration of storage and transportation
  2. can be used as transfer warehouse
  3. Suitable for long-distance transportation, short-distance transportation has no advantage

Bitumen tank container by China manufacturer 2

Bitumen tank container by Tercel factory

Asphalt container transportation mode is energy-saving and environmental protection, flexible and convenient, suitable for long-distance multimodal transportation of sea, road and railway, which is an effective supplement and optimization of traditional asphalt logistics mode.

The asphalt container has its own heating pipe, which can realize the whole transportation heating and unloading operation. It avoids the traditional transportation inversion and multiple heating, and reduces the loss and heating cost of Asphalt during transportation.

Efficient, convenient, low-carbon and environmental protection is the inevitable trend of bitumen logistics transportation renewal. With the continuous increase of road construction in Northwest China, especially in remote areas of Northwest China, the demand for bitumen logistics transportation will continue to increase. In addition, the follow-up road maintenance will form the demand characteristics of small batch and multi batch bitumen, and the prospect of bitumen container transportation is broad.

Bitumen Tank container by China factory

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