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Electrical equipment container China Manufacturer

Tercel container is China container manufacturer with big factory and hundreds of staff which is guarantee for customers when you source special container or offshore container from China. Tercel welcome customers to visit us and check our facilities before purchase order; seeing is believing; we are sure Tercel will be your final stop after checking different special container factories.



According to the specify requirements of customer, Tercel can customize the container into different size, different painting standard, preservation, decoration etc. Multi-doors design can be helpful to take out or put in the electrical equipment.

  1. During production of electrical equipment container or storage container, the standard container production process is used for welding, anti-corrosion, heat preservation and internal loading. It can be processed and produced according to different specifications to meet the customized needs of different projects.
  2. Tercel can install gas spring to help open the door, which is convenient for the installation of on-site equipment and transfer out;
  3. Explosion proof circuit can be installed to ensure safety in special occasions, ATEX/IEC ex proof device can be supplied for Zone 1 and Zone 2 application.


Several type of electrical equipment container for your reference.


Example 1 of electrical equipment holding container:

1)     External dimension of the equipment holding container: 6120 * 2438 * 2896mm

2)     Internal dimension of the equipment holding container: 5380 * 2238 * 2600mm

Remark: the holding container size can be standard container size per 20ft or 40ft, can also be customized per customer jobsite situations.

3)     The production material of special container: bottom side beam apply 16# channel steel and 14# channel steel; top beam apply 60*60 square pipe, column by 4.0mm profiled, bottom plate apply 5mm steel plate and anti-static floor decoration.

4)     The equipment special container is decorated with 50mm silicon rock purification board, with fire door and escape lock on the end face

5)     The external painting of equipment container adopts Aksu paint, much brighter and beautiful.


Example 2 of electrical equipment holding container:

1)     Electrical equipment container outer size: 12192 * 2438 * 3350mm. Remark: the size can be customized per client request.

2)     The equipment container is made from 12# channel steel, 16# channel steel, 80 * 160mm / 80 * 100mm square tube, 1.6mm corrugated plate and 5.0mm patterned bottom plate

3)     The thermal insulation inside the container is 50mm cold storage plate. There are 4 sets of opposite doors on one side, 1 set of opposite doors on the end face, and rope hook on the side wall.


Example 3 of electrical equipment holding container:

1)     container size of the project: 6058 * 2438 * 2896mm (the size can be customized)

2)     The equipment container is made of 80 * 160mm rectangular tube of bottom beam, 12 × channel steel of bottom beam, 60 * 120mm rectangular tube of top beam, 4.0mm profiled column, 4.0mm checkered steel plate of bottom plate and 1.5mm corrugated plate of top plate of side plate

3)     The equipment container contains insulation, circuit and mounting bracket.


Example 4, Storage container of lithium battery equipment:

1)     Storage container size 12192 * 2438 * 2896mm (box size can be customized)

2)     Storage container production material: bottom side beam 30 × I-beam, bottom side beam 12 × channel steel, top side beam 80 * 100mm rectangular pipe, column 4.0mm profiled, bottom plate 4.0mm weather plate + 5.0mm checkered steel plate, side plate top plate 2.0mm corrugated plate

3)     Inside the storage container, 50mm silicon rock purification board is installed, and the electrical line is concealed

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