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Generator set container manufacturer and Supplier from China

Tercel container is China leading brand in equipment holding container design and production. With 165000m2 factory area, various size CNC machine, over 300 staff and more than 30 specialists, Tercel can customize the special containers per clients request. Among the equipment holding container, generator set container is widely applied in different field. Where there is generator set, there is big need for generator set container.


Tercel can offer generator set container with following technical specifications:

1)     With CSC certification in line with the world container safety regulations, the whole generator set container can be shipped as the standard container shipping, which greatly saves the transportation cost;

2)     Different from the common standard container, the main girder of the container is made of square tube to strengthen the mechanical strength of the container and accept the impact of the dynamic load of the generator set;

3)     All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel, and anti-wave and rainwater intrusion equipment are installed in the container;

4)     Both sides of the box are equipped with side doors to facilitate the daily protection and maintenance of users; ladders are set outside the box;

5)     The front and back of the container can be opened to facilitate the daily protection and maintenance of the generator and engine radiator; if there is a need for overhaul maintenance, the unit can be easily taken out from any end of the container;

6)     Two explosion-proof lamps are set in the container; one explosion-proof lamp is set on the control panel to facilitate user operation and protection;

7)     The bottom of the container is equipped with an engine “three leaks” collection system to prevent the engine from polluting the environment;

8)     The control panel and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, facilitating the daily operation of users and the connection of output cables;

9)     Equipped with permanent magnet excitation PMG system, which improves the starting ability of motor and has immunity to waveform distortion;

10)  Fuel tank and pipeline, engine oil discharge, muffler and so on have many unique design points, which are loved by users;

11)  high-performance, anti-aging, flame-retardant sound-proof materials and sound-absorbing materials inside the generator set container, Ingenious design of air intake and exhaust noise reduction.


Except for generator set container, Tercel can also supply customized environmental protection container, military application container, electrical control container, energy equipment container, positive pressurized container etc. Offshore container is another big scope of Tercel. Welcome to contact Tercel for any requirements. We can customize for you and make you satisfy.

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