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High standard Container house VS Board house

High standard Container house become more and more popular in recent years; we can see shadow of High standard container house in many different fields. The beautiful appearance, creative design, comfortable inside layout and decoration is much impressive to people. Some people say, the cost of High standard container house is much higher than board house, and they prefer to board house. This is correct in some way, and maybe not correct in other ways.


1)     What High standard container house can be used for ?

High standard Container house can be applied in many different fields and for different function. We may give some examples like, High standard container office, High standard container café, High standard container restaurant, High standard container gym, High standard container school, High standard container hospital, container emergency centers, container holiday villas, container shops besides road, container camps, container rig camps etc.

However, the board house can normally be used for temporary accommodations for workers at site and will be only used twice or three times for recycle and reuse.

2)     Construction speed of High standard container house

High standard Container house is prefabricated in factory, including its inside layout and decorations. When arrive at site, the High standard container house can be assembled per drawings in very quick way. Selecting the construction method of prefabricated parts can greatly save the construction period, saving manpower and saving production cost.


3)     Price of High standard container house VS board house

On the surface, the price of prefabricated board houses is about 2000-yuan pe m2, while the price of decorated container houses is about 3000 yuan / m2. The price of High standard container house is higher.  But when we get following ideas, we may think different.

a-    The High standard container house can be moved to next site very conveniently. Recycling rate can reach up to 90%. However, board house may be only can be moved twice or three times. That means, the recycling rate of board house is not as good as container house.

b-    The High standard container house can be used for up to 10years, however, the board house maximum 2 or 3 years. Most of parts need to be replaced and the maintenance cost is much higher.

c-    The High standard container house with good layout and decoration will be much comfortable than board house. That is why the container house can be used for high standard container hotel, container restaurant; however, the board house cannot be used for that.

d-    Finally, the High standard container house after used 10years, the steel can be sold which is much more environmentally friendly and cost performance than board house.

Container hotel and container restaurant


Container simple Helicopter Terminal



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