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High Standard Container Integrated Office Building for Show

As China big factory to produce three kinds of containers – offshore containers with DNV certificate, special containers for special material storage and transportation and container house building for short term projects, Tercel support the domestic market and overseas market fully each year. In this chapter, we would like to introduce more regarding container house building to customers.

When we talk about container house, it is easy to recognize the board house which is very easy to seen at construction site, they normally used for accommodations for the workers at site in short terms and board container will be much better in controlling the whole project cost and enlarge the profit. Problem is, board container may feel not so comfortable because of the design, production materials and inside decorations. With the improvements of living standard, more people prefer to some high standard living standard with fresh air, colorful decorations both inside and outside, comfortable bed and washing room, better to have one tiny meeting room and public toilet etc. More important, the container house buildings can be movable to next site due to some unsure reasons of the using land. Come to meet sales team of Tercel container, and we can help you to design customized container house buildings to fulfill your special needs.

To show the professionalism of Tercel in high standard container house design and production, Tercel recently completed the High Standard Container Integrated Office Building for Show. We welcome customers come to China and check Tercel facility and check our show room in design, decoration and furniture etc.

Below pictures are the design sketch of the 2-layers container house buildings. In the first floor, layout as reception, coffee bar, media show room, talk room; in second floor, layout as youth Apartment, office space, gym, washing room etc. 

container house design sketch 1

container house design sketch 2

Below pictures are the real product of container house buildings for show

Real product show room 1

container building show room 2

container Gym houseContainer coffee bar

We can also help customers to modify used containers to integrated office house buildings and supply inside/outside decoration materials, inside furniture, to make the old and useless containers to beautiful, colorful and enjoyable office buildings or apartment buildings. Welcome to contact Tercel for more information.

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