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Offshore Container, Offshore Container Certificate, China Offshore Container Manufacturer

Container has many different types for different applications. The most common container is shipping containers to carry cargos in vessels. Normally, this shipping containers complies with ISO standard which can be accepted by International shipping companies and use them conveniently. Hereunder, we want to discuss more what is offshore container? what is the difference between offshore container and ISO container? What third party certificate is required for offshore container? Finally, we may give some brief introduction of China container manufacturers.

Question 1: what is offshore container?

“an offshore container is a “portable unit, specially designed for repeated use in the transport of goods or equipment to, from or between fixed and/or floating offshore installations and ships” As defined by the International Maritime Organization.

From here, we can get the application site of offshore containers. They should be applied to jack-up offshore drilling platform, swamp drilling platform, floating offshore drilling boat etc.

When we carry some pumps, shale shakers, mud conditioners, centrifuges from offshore platform to onshore by helicopter, we may need to lift them by some offshore containers or offshore frames.

When we need to carry the drilling waste from offshore platform to onshore for final treatment, eg. oil based mud waste, drilling mud skip or drilling mud cuttings box is required for the transportation and they all DNV2.7-1 certified.

When we carry some vegetables and meats and other foods from onshore to offshore, we may need reefer containers which is like Refrigerator with DNV2.7-1 certificate.

There are also many other types of offshore container and we may offer customized design per customer request.



Question 2: Which kinds of certificates are required for offshore container acceptance?

Third party certificate is must for offshore containers, normally they can be issued by DNV or LR. DNV2.7-1 or other type certificate can assure the offshore containers can withstand forces much better than other type containers and will be safely applied to offshore drilling platform. Due to the harsh conditions of offshore drilling platform, DNV third party certificates is a must to offshore container owners. Otherwise, their offshore container will be not be accepted.



Question 3: Which third party certificates can Tercel provide ?

Unlike other small factory, Tercel obtain international advanced CNC production equipment and container production line. We welcome customers to visit our factory before purchase; pls do not only see some photos and pictures, check factory is more reliable, seeing is believing.

Tercel have passed ISO9001/ISO14001/GB/T28001 certificates;

Tercel obtained factory certification of CCS, DNV, LR, ABS, BV and other classification societies.

In addition, Tercel has a professional container test platform, which can carry out structural strength test on various sizes of boxes from 10 feet to 53 feet.

Offshore container designed and manufactured by Tercel container complied with DNV2.7-1/EN12079 standards/codes. We offer full sets of inspection documentations.


Question 4: China Offshore Container Manufacturer

There are many offshore container manufacturers and trading companies all over the world; manufacturers with big factory is not so many; Tercel factory is one China big factory specialized in offshore container business.  Except for offshore container, Tercel can also offer container house (container modular unit) and special container which is fully customized per request.



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