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Rig Camp container house manufacturer from China- Tercel Container

Rig Camp container house is designed and produced to meet the urgent needs of comfortable and excellent environment in the harsh living and working environment in the oilfield. Rig Camp container house is one new modern product with the development of society, which can effectively improve the work efficiency and quality of life of field workers. Rig Camp house have many features like humanized design, reasonable structure, strong and durable, flexible and convenient, complete and high-grade facilities, earthquake resistant and windproof.

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Considering the characteristics of field operation, the oilfield operation Rig camp house room adopts the steel framework structure with high strength; the steel structure framework is welded, and the room body generally adopts the 2-3mm steel plate profiled and the house framework welded into a whole, the overall house layout is reasonable, and the auxiliary framework is welded and connected into a whole, so as to ensure the firmness and durability. In any case, the hoisting and transportation can ensure that it will not easy to deform. In order to ensure the use of thermal insulation and sound insulation, the wall adopts glass wool interlayer. The interior walls, floors and top surfaces  of rig camp are all decorated with exquisite and reasonable decoration, complete indoor configuration, electrical appliances, furniture, office facilities, etc.

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Main design features of rig camp house:

1)The rig camping house adopts high-quality corrugated steel plate to assemble and weld the outer mask, which is solid, sealed and has good rain and snow resistance and sand resistance.

2)The thermal insulation layer of rig camp adopts EPS thermal insulation and sound insulation material with excellent performance, which is used in combination with air conditioner, with heat preservation in winter and heatstroke prevention in summer.

3)Safety circuit is adopted in the circuit design, overload protection, leakage protection and grounding wire are set to fully ensure the personal safety of residents.

4)The accommodation room of rig camp is equipped with complete indoor facilities, elegant desks, chairs, wardrobes and beds, etc.

5)According to the requirements of thermal insulation and sound insulation of customers, the walls of accommodation and camping houses are made of wood, PVC and color steel plates.

6)The top and bottom of the rig camp wall are insulated, and the floor is made of plastic, wood and ceramic tile etc.

7)Different hoisting positions are set at the bottom and the top. At the same time, there is a direct hinged skid mounted base. For transport vehicles with winches, the barracks can be directly loaded onto the vehicle without a crane, so the loading and unloading is very fast.

8)The appearance of barracks and dormitories shall be reasonably matched with different colors according to customers’ needs;

9)The rig camp house adopts multiple anti-corrosion, long service life, and all decoration materials and indoor configuration meet the environmental protection requirements.

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