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The first high-end container hotel and container restaurant Supplier

The development of container house Have a bright future

Nowadays, due to the shortage of land resources, the rise of development costs, and many limitations of traditional construction industry, the traditional mode has been unable to meet the market demand. The emergence of container houses breaks the original concept of “houses must be built up”, integrates the advantages of “multi-purpose, movable and recyclable”, and has become a new field of “mobile buildings” The development of industry is promising.

Tercel container house Jungle box


The first turnkey container solution supplier in China

As the first China supplier in high end container hotel and container restaurant, Tercel Provide turnkey solutions for investment analysis, product research and development, assembly manufacturing, operation management and recycling and reuse. At present, Tercel mainly promotes three lines of products: hotel room, innovative restaurant and creative business office. The supporting hardware has realized “standardization and modularization”, and the R & D level and assembly process have been in line with the international advanced level.


Jungle Box is the first turnkey solution product promoted by Tercel. Many professors engaged in hotel industry, catering industry and commercial real estate industry for many years participate in the development of Jungle Box. The products developed are not simply container transformation, but mobile and modular cultural tourism, creative catering, innovative business office and other breakthrough products. In addition, the company has in-depth cooperation with the national prefabricated steel structure civil building alliance, which has fully guaranteed the safety, green and environmental protection in the process of the project.

Tercel container hotel

Traditional service industry has large demand in container house

As a traditional service industry, the hotel and catering industry is facing the challenge of increasing construction cost and rental cost, the profit space is constantly compressed, and it is also faced with many problems, such as difficult location selection, large one-time investment, low reuse rate. Container house have become a feasible alternative and effective supplement.

Jia Jian also calculated an account to the reporter: a hotel room with a mid-range positioning will need about 1 million yuan of capital, including the investment cost of civil engineering, installation, decoration, preparation and other links, while a container room will need about 200000 yuan of investment in the construction (modification), transportation, installation and other links. And it has the convenience of mobile and repeated use in different places. Whether it is mountain, lakeside, grassland, scenic area or mature community, it can be installed in place quickly, and can be disassembled and transported to other places for repeated use in the off-season.

Tercel container hotel 2

In addition, it takes about two years to build a hotel room from design to use, while container house hotel room only takes two months and can be put into operation. No matter from the perspective of economic benefits or from the perspective of time cost, which is better or worse is clear at a glance.

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