Offshore Cargo Basket

Offshore Cargo Basket
Offshore Cargo Basket
Offshore Cargo Basket
Offshore Cargo Basket
  • Offshore Cargo Basket

    Offshore cargo basket is necessary items for offshore drilling project and offshore energy industry operations. It is designed specifically for offshore transportation between support vessel and offshore platform. The common type of offshore cargo baskets including bolted long cargo basket, side door opening cargo basket, heavy duty cargo baskets, half height cargo baskets, short cargo basket, long cargo basket, Miscellaneous cargo Baskets with different features mixed etc. According to customer requirement, Tercel can offer full range of offshore cargo basket with different dimensions and weights.

    Tercel container is China leading manufacturer for offshore cargo carrying units (CCUs) and offshore cargo basket is one of the important product scopes. As a big factory, Tercel can get better control of the production cost and benefit more to the customers in better price. As a big factory of China container, Tercel already have done many projects in China and overseas market, and we have good reputation in this field. The cargo baskets from Tercel have many good technical features, making tercel basket more convenient for application, safer and more human friendly, environmentally friendly.


    Offshore Cargo Basket Key Features

    • Designed, manufactured and Certified in accordance with DNV2.7-1/BSEN 12079
    • Stackable design and anti-snag design follow regulations of the latest DNV2.7-1 standard
    • DNV Certified slings and shackles can be supplied together with cargo basket, for option
    • Design Temperature follow -20deg C, and -40deg C can be supplied for extremely cold areas
    • Numerous Internal Lashing points are designed to ensure secure transportation of cargos
    • Cargo nets or tarpaulins to protect the cargo from rain or heavy wind
    • Integrated forklift pockets design for convenient loading and offloading
    • Customized cradles and supports can be provided for option
    • Offshore cargo basket with customized dimensions and weights available


    Offshore Cargo Basket Parameters

    Low Profile Cargo Basket

    Size L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) TARE (kg) PAYLD (kg) MGW (kg)
    8ft Low Profile Cargo basket 2448 1391 989 900 4100 5000
    12ft Low Profile Cargo basket 3809 1979 1140 1710 6290 8000
    20ft Low Profile Cargo basket 6000 2440 1290 3145 10855 14000


    High Profile Cargo Basket

    Size L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) TARE (kg) PAYLD (kg) MGW (kg)
    8ft High Profile Cargo basket 2606 1368 1513 1210 3790 5000
    12ft High Profile Cargo basket 3838 1368 1513 1500 6500 8000
    20ft High Profile Cargo basket 6000 2440 1290 3145 10855 14000



    Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.

    Tercel can customize dimensions and weights per customer’s requirements

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