Mud Cutting Skips

Mud Cutting Skips
Mud Cutting Skips
Mud Cutting Skips
Mud Cutting Skips
  • Mud Cutting Skips

    Tercel Mud cutting skips or offshore mud skips are designed,manufactured and certified according to DNV2.7-1/EN12079 standards/codes; Tercel cooperate with DNV-DET NORSKE VERITAS or LIoyd's Register -LR in China. Mud cutting skips is important tools box for offshore oil drilling operation and usually used to carry the Oil based mud(OBM) drilling cuttings discharged from shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge; the drilling waste produced from completion processes can also be carried by mud skip to onshore for final treatment. In oil drilling industry, mud skip is well known as SDCB-small drill cutting box and LDCB-Large drill cutting box.

    The whole working prodcedure of mud cutting skips is to be used to transport the drilling waste / drilling cuttings from offshore rig platform to onshore. After arriving at port, the small offshore mud skips will be lifted to truck and transport to the drilling waste management facility for final treatment. The offshore mud skips itself are certified by DNV2.7-1 certificate, the slings and shackles are complied with DNV2.7-1 certificates, which is necessary for the lifting from jack up rigs to vessel and from vessel to truck. After dumping the drilling waste / drilling cuttings to the storage tank or storage pit in the waste management center, the mud cuttings skips or offshore mud skips will be returned back to offshore rig platform and continue to carry the drilling wastes.


    Mud Cutting Skips Key Features

    • Mud skips designed, manufactured and certified complies with DNV2.7-1/ EN12079
    • DNV Certified lifting slings and shackles for option
    • Design Temperature: -20℃ /-40℃, -40℃ for extremely cold areas
    • All primary structure should be full penetration welding
    • Stackable in 2 or 3 layers, reducing lay down area requirements
    • Forklift holes on four sides, more convenient to pick up mud skips.
    • Painted with Polyurethane Anticorrosive Paint, high anti-corrosion performance 
    • Polyurethane Anticorrosive Paint for Marine Box, compliant with environment protect requirements
    • Aluminium lightweight lid for safe operation and easy opening
    • RFID TAG can be attached for easy warehousing management, for option
    • GPS Tracker can be installed to track the position of Mud skip, for option
    • Tercel customize mud skips per requirements, available in a variety of sizes and weight capabilities


    Mud Cutting Skips Parameters

    Size L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) TARE (kg) PAYLD (kg) MGW (kg)
    6ton Mud SKip 1900 1600 1250 1000 5000 6000
    11ton Mud Skip 2214 1858 1600 1670 9330 11000
     11ton Mud Skip(Low profile) 2150  2150  1250  1670  9330  11000 


    Remark: Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.



    Industry Applications of Tercel Mud Cutting Skips 

    • Transporation of drill cuttings generated from solids control process
    • Transportation of drill sludge from drilling waste management process
    • Transportation of drill sludge from offshore tank cleaning service
    • Applied to offshore drilling rig, jack up rig and vessel rigs
    • Applied to drilling waste management facilities or oil slopes business
    • Sludge transportation generated from Management and Processing  of Drill Cuttings
    • Sludge transportation generated from Processing and Management of Oil Based Mud
    • Sludge soil transportation generated from Processing of Contaminated Hydrocarbons and Water
    • Sludge soil generated from Incineration of Hazardous materials
    • Sludge transportation generated from Vessels and Oil Rig activities
    • Transportation of oil Spill Emergency Response




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