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A fleet of special built container exported to Europe

As big factory in container business, Tercel have mainly three container scopes -offshore containers / container house buildings / special containers.  Offshore containers are most used in offshore oil drilling field, container house buildings and special containers may be used in many different fields. When the oil market down, we may expand more business in container house and special containers to support the running of company.

A couple weeks before, we signed long term contract agreement with customer from Europe and to support the special container production with approved design and drawings.  The technical documentations provided by customer, and Tercel do the production strictly according the technical requirements in documentations. It is big order, and each year the customer promise to buy two or three dozen of them. As the original container manufacturer from China, we can support the customer with reliable container raw materials, reliable workshop and reliable quality control process. Compared with so many small factories or trading brokers, Tercel can offer much more which cannot compare by other suppliers.





Here, we also would like to introduce more about Tercel hot product – Drilling mud skip which is required in large quantity to run the offshore drilling business. A fleet of drilling mud skip will wait in support vessels and ship to the loading position under the offshore platform. The drilling cuttings box will be firstly lifted to the platform, and receive the drilling waste mud or drilling cuttings from well bore via pneumatic pipelines. After filling full, the drill mud skip will be lifting down to the support vessel. Some drilling tools or drilling machine spare parts may be sent to rig via the same support vessels and half height container or offshore basket maybe required for the transportation, like drill bit, drilling mud separation centrifuges, drilling mud transfer pumps, drilling mud shaker screens etc. As big factory for offshore containers, half height container or offshore basket is another good product from us. Tercel have supplied half height container and offshore basket to Schlumberger and COSL.  We welcome customers to check Tercel facilities close to Shanghai and enquiry offshore containers. When deal with large quantity orders, Tercel can offer much better pricing support to help you start the projects soon.


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