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Celebration of Tercel foundation

Tercel container, brand of Jiangsu Tercel Logistics Equipment Co. Ltd was founded in 2012. Tercel container committed himself to research and design, production and sales of DNV containers, DNV Mud skips, DNV waste skips, ISO Containers, Customized containers, modular container solutions etc. With up-to-date production facility, experienced staff in container design and production, Tercel focus on the container business and committed to become first class container supplier with premium service.Tercel container is located at Taixing city, very close to Shanghai airport. We welcome overseas friends to check Tercel facility and talk about future business cooperation. Tercel covers production area about 165000sqm, workshop area about 38000sqm. With over 300 staff, first class design team and international advanced level production facilities, Tercel has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 HSE management system, GB/T28001 Occupational health and safety management system certification. More important, Tercel has awarded the factory certification from CCS, DNV, LR, ABS, BV.  Tercel has a professional container test platform, which can carry out structural strength tests on various specifications of containers from 10 feet to 53 feet.

Tercel factory 1

Company culture including 4 items as follows:

1)       Focus on customer- realize company value through continuously creating value for customers

2)       Keep working hard – create possibilities for customers

3)       Enhance company competitiveness – by continuous technological innovation and improvement of services

4)       Personnel based- Create value for customers and companies by selecting and training excellent employee


Tercel have much confidence to become leading factory and suppliers for Offshore carrying units, DNV containers, DNV Skips. Hopefully, we can have more and more friends and clients coming to check and talk more.

Tercel Factory 2

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