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Container buildings for Project Department of Shanghai Gulf University Town

Pre-fabricated container buildings can be better choice for urgent construction projects. About 80~90% construction can be completed at factory, and only about 10% works need to be done at site. Recently, Tercel almost completed the construction of dozens of container house for project department of Shanghai Water Conservancy Bureau. In last quarter, the project department need to be operated in Shanghai to support the Water conservancy and pipeline engineering for the construction of gulf university town. The project Director came to check the facility of Tercel in Hongqiao Industry Area, Taixing and just see the undergoing construction for Antarctic container projects. We discussed a lot in high standard container buildings and its applications. After some vital questions discussed, the Project Director was happy for the offer both in technical design, delivery terms and price. It is also our honor to participate in the construction of Gulf university town and to support government of Shanghai. Per feedback from Project Director, the project may last about 2years there, and then they will move all the container buildings to next station for new project.  As Tercel container buildings can be recovered in high rate and much convenient for movable, it is win-win cooperation.


 container building projects for University construction (3)


The land area of the project department is 4800m2, with a total construction area of 594m2. There is one floor above the ground, which is divided into three areas in the south, the middle and the north. .

  • In the south, there are raw material processing and stacking areas, publicity, comment and display areas;
  • In the middle, there are public external areas, including container office rooms, container meeting rooms, container reception halls and container toilets;
  • In the north, there are residential areas, including container dormitories, container canteens and container shower room etc.


The whole building is divided into two structures: container buildings and detachable box. It adopts non-standard container structure, with two dimensions of 3 * 6m and 3 * 8m, including 15 detachable containers and 14 container rooms. The electricity cables, water pipelines, heat preservation, fire and corrosion prevention, waterproof and indoor decoration features are all completed before delivery. The single container of water and electricity is independent, convenient for disassembly and assembly; Regarding the heat preservation, the first layer adopt PU polyurethane foam and the second layer adopt marine composite rock wool board. There are also many patent features, welcome to contact Tercel container for more information.

 Container house manufacturer China (1)


Container house manufacturer China (2)


Except for container rooms manufacture, Tercel is also very experienced offshore containers manufacturer based in Jiangsu, Close to Shanghai airport. Welcome customers to check our facility and talk more businesses.

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