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Extra Large Parts Container exported to Boeing Airlines

For some special equipment field, like aircraft purchase contract or ship purchase contract, some important parts or accessories with large size should be fixed and protected well inside the closed dry goods container. Extra-large container or oversized container will be necessary for the parts storage and transportation. With big container production and assembly factory, Tercel can provide special container with large size to meet the requirements of customers. And we have provided extra-large parts container to Boeing airlines for aircraft parts storage and transportation. Inside the container, lashing points positions and numbers can be customized; shelving / work benches / cupboards / pipe racks etc. can be designed into the extra-large container per request.

 Extra large container exported to Boeing Airlines

About 2months before, Tercel container awarded big order of several sets extra large container from Boeing Airlines, we customize 335m3 volume extra large containers per technical specifications of Boeing airlines. With rich experience, and suitable assembly workshop and quality test workshop, the customized oversized container was delivered to Boeing Airlines in end of October, 2016. It is our honor to work with Boeing in specialized containers, welcome more customers check and consult with Tercel container for more request.


Different sizes of extra-large container from Tercel container:

Dimension     40ft x 8ft x 13ft     Tare weight   5840kg

Outer Volume       118m3    Net Volume   105.5m3


Dimension     40ft x 8ft x 18.5ft   Tare weight   8000kg

Outer Volume       168m3    Net Volume   151m3


Dimension     40ft x 16ft x 18.5ft Tare weight   15500kg

Outer Volume       335m3    Net Volume   293m3


Dimension     40ft x 23ft x 13ft    Tare weight   16000kg

Outer Volume       339m3    Net Volume   273.8m3

 Extra large container under production

Oversized container under production


As China big brand of special container manufacturer, Tercel container committed itself to serve more and more customers domestically and overseas. Except for oversized spare parts container, Tercel can offer double opening door at two side containers for convenient loading and offloading, half height 20ft mineral transportation container, oil heating asphalt storage container etc. With strict technical base, strict production process and guaranteed quality control facility and personnel, Tercel container has awarded good comments from customers.

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