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Medical modular container building delivery to People’s Hospital in Taixing

Recently, the fever clinic of the Fourth People’s Hospital of Hongqiao Town, Taixing City, Jiangsu Province was completed. It consists of medical unit, technical support unit, ward unit, living security unit and negative pressure laboratory, which provides important support for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The medical container building is designed and manufactured by Tercel Container. It is constructed by fully assembled modular building, and its design life is same as permanent building standard with 50years design lifetime, the anticorrosion with C5-M material, Building energy saving 80%, A class a fireproof interior, External wall aluminum hanging plate, PCR full negative pressure laboratory.  This medical modular container project is the 3rd big projects after Monica school container project and “kaolin China village” tourist center container project. Tercel container people shoulder the mission with iron, carry forward the spirit of China, organize the strength day and night, and contribute to the early delivery in 3 months.

Fever clinic of container house building

Fever clinic of container house building at night

By prefabricated assembly modular design, over 95% work can be done in factory and This increase the construction speed at the site. When all the material arrive at jobsite, just need to layout them one by one according to assembly drawings. This is also reduce the man power at jobsite, reduce the living waste generated at site and also increase the speed. With Conventional building patterns, the medical center may takes about 6~9months. But with modular container buildings design, the medical center can be completed in only one week, including the tap water pipelines, sewage pipelines, electrical system etc.


Tercel Container as China leading brand with big factory and over 300 staff, we have many production lines, including modular container buildings, offshore container carrying units, offshore mud skips, special containers. Tercel offshore mud skips are working in Africa, Middle East, and South Africa for many big oil service contractors. Schlumberger, Halliburton and COSL are also big players of Tercel offshore units.  We looking forward more cooperation with new customers.

Out appreance of the medical center




Inside view of the medical center



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