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Offshore platform lodging box container to Mexico

Accommodations is necessary part for land rig drilling operation and normally we called rig camp. Mostly, the rig camp will only have one layers, and layout in wild space close to rig site. Because of the limited space in offshore rig jack up platform, rig camp layout is not suitable for offshore platform, stackable lodging box with less footprint can fit better. As professionals in offshore cargo carrying units (CCUs) and container housing buildings, Tercel just delivery one set of lodging box containers to Mexico to service the offshore drilling operation there.


The offshore platform lodging box container project contains totally 27set 12ft containers. They are stackable in 3 layers which will be installed in the pre-designed space. Each container has ISO corners and can be shipped as SOC containers, which will save cost in international shipping transportation. DNV Certificate for offshore unit can be applicable to the containers and ensure the safety during lifting from support vessels to offshore rig platform. Each container is equipped with ATEX certified air conditioner for cooling and fresh air system, preservations and fire-proof treatment, washing room, refrigerator, lockers, writing desk and chairs, 2sets bunk beds for 4 people accommodations etc. Every detail complied with technical specifications sheet attached with the sales contracts and they client feel satisfied when check the lodging box containers in our factory.


As China big factory specialized in offshore CCUs, special containers and container lodging box containers/container house buildings, Tercel committed to serve the customers in good quality containers which complied with highest standard of industry certificates; Price is the second, and we can offer reasonable price and competitive price especially for large quantity orders. Tercel mud cuttings skips is another hot sell product with the oil field booming, we compete with OEG offshore / Swire oilfield / Modex and we win some orders. 

Some big brands in offshore CCUs also source the containers from China and put their LOGOS and datasheet plate, that is OEM from China and service the whole wide world. We welcome the big players in offshore units come to China and check Tercel facilities, and we are open to be your OEM with reliable product and competitive pricing support. Pls feel free to contact Tercel sales.


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