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Several hundreds of drilling cuttings box ready delivery

Tercel Container is China leading manufacturer for offshore containers, customized special containers and container house. We compete with OEG offshore, Swire Oilfield, BSL offshore etc. Through guaranteed production facility, professional technical offers and competing price, we win many orders.


In last quarter of 2019, we got big order of several hundreds of drilling cuttings box which is required for 3 years offshore drilling projects. This Drilling cuttings box is designed, constructed and tested to EN12079, DNV2.7-1 (DNVGL-ST-E271), ISO 10855-1 (2018), basic datasheet as follows:

  • Dimension of drilling cuttings box: L = 1900mm, W = 1600mm, H = 1280mm
  • Ratings, Max. Gross mass (kg/lb): R = 6,000 kg (13,228 lb)
  • Tare weight (kg/lb): T = 1,020 kg (2,249 lb)
  • Payload (kg/lb): P = 4,980 kg (10,979 lb)
  • Sling angle degrees: Sling Angle = 45 °
  • Enhancement factor: EF = 1.766
  • Shackle bolt diameter (mm): Pin diameter = 25 mm 6.5 Ton Rated
  • Design temperature (° C): -20 °C

Tercel Container can manufacturer and supply complete line of DNV Mud Cuttings Skips to transfer the waste mud or waste cuttings produced from offshore drilling and completion processes. We have rich experience in the design and production in both small drilling cuttings box (SDCB) and large drill cuttings box (LDCB).


Well, the drill cutting box may have different name in different regions like mud skips/mud cuttings skips/drilling cuttings skips etc. Tercel mud skips is designed and manufactured per DNV2.7-1/EN12079 certificate system. Tercel mud skips can be used for drilling fluids storage and transportation, discarded mud storage and transportation, drilling cuttings storage and transportation, and other drilling waste storage and transportation. The lid is made from Aluminium, very lightweight and easy to open or close, much convenient and safe operation. Lastly, Tercel welcome clients to come to China, visit us and talk more business cooperation. Tercel can customize different size/different capacities closed mud skip from 2m3 to 6m3; we are open to listen different customization suggestions and build perfect drilling cuttings box for your application.

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