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Tercel Container Buildings service for Tourist attractions in Jiangxi, China

Container buildings can be applied to many fields and Tourist attraction is one of the important fields. In past years, tourist attractions may use simple mobile buildings such as wooden houses or board houses to mee the basic needs of scenic spots and tourists. But at present, new-type high standard and luxury container house become more and more popular for tourist attractions or tourist scenic spots. Compared with old technology mobile houses, the high standard container buildings have much more advantages. Even cost higher, more and more people like it with the Continuous improvement of living standards.


Recently, Tercel just complete the construction of one set container buildings which consist of 49 container houses. The container building will be transported to Jiangxi, China and help to build the tourist office, tourist hotel, tourist restaurant and tourist café and tourist bar. The total building area is about 10,000m2 and can be divided into four blocks, attraction traffic system, attraction service system, attraction display system and attraction management system. Before place order, the project manager of GaoLing country tourist center came to check the factory of Tercel container, to discuss the project details and layout requirements at attractions, to discuss the decoration requirements etc. After about 2~3days meeting, Tercel submit technical proposals and commercial proposals which make our customer feel happy.



  • From start-up design to production, installation and decoration, the completion rate of factory production and processing is more than 90%.
  • With different specifications of container modules, combined to meet a variety of functions of the use of space,
  • The main body of the container building is composed of 49 container boxes. High-strength bolts are used for safe and effective seismic connection to ensure the safety of the structure. Facilities such as restaurants, office / leisure areas are provided inside.


More technical advantages of Tercel high standard container buildings:

1)     High standard container house Can be applied for many different functions

Container building can carry rich functional space. Single container house can be used for toilet, small shop, single guest room, landscape structure, etc. Multi container house can be used for large-scale shops, catering facilities, tourist center, accommodation, performance service facilities, etc. Therefore, container architecture, especially in tourist attractions, can be widely used.

container house for tourist attraction 2

2)     High standar container house with Novel exterior design and comfortable interior decoration

Appearance is an important and significant feature of architecture. Its striking and uniqueness will produce topic effect and win attention for the scenic spot. Container building can make use of its own structural advantages to create a unique environment.

The high-end customized container building meets the requirements of building thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, compression and wear resistance through the regional climate analysis and energy-saving calculation. Provide different decoration styles for different functional types


3)     High standard container house Pre-fabricated in factory, saving lots of time and manpower at site

The advantages of container type mobile buildings are particularly prominent in the construction process. Industrial production enables more than 85% of the workload to be completed in the factory.

When leaving the factory, the interior decoration of the container has been completed, which is not affected by the weather environment and external factors. The construction period is short and controllable, and the overall construction work can be effectively controlled in a better way.

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