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Tercel Container Support China Government to battle the deadly Coronavirus

After the completion of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, more container modular unit/container buildings are required to build some temporary offices or emergency aid center. Tercel contact with local government, and sent 3000 square meters container modular unit immediately. As big factory of offshore container, special container and container building, Tercel container is committed to support China in Epidemic prevention and control



Tercel container building have been working for Domestic and overseas market in good reputation. Tercel have participated in China Antarctic Research Project twice to supply container offices and labs working in harsh environment. Tercel participated in the Hisense O2O projects with hundreds of Vending container. Tercel supplied many mud logging unit container to Shenkai SK Petroleum etc. Tercel support Boeing in spare parts storage container; Tercel support Cows transportation container to Australia customer; Tercel support Ore container to overseas market etc.


What is the main business of Tercel container?

1)     Offshore Container

Offshore container is the 1st main business of Tercel container. The product including offshore mini container, offshore half height container, offshore open top container, offshore mud skip, offshore drilling cuttings box, offshore cargo basket and offshore bottle rack etc.

All the offshore containers comply with DNV2.7-1 standards; and we normally offer DNV certificated approved by LIoyd’s or DNV

Tercel have awarded the factory certification of DNV, BV, CCS, LR, ABS etc. We have rich experience to design the offshore container which can be reviews and approved by third party.


2)     Special container

Special container is usually customized according the customer request. We can offer Ultrawide container and ultrahigh container. In past years, we already supplied special containers like Ore storage container / Mineral storage container, Cows transportation container, new energy equipment container, asphalt container etc.


3)     Container house or container building

Container building can be fast assembled in site and shorten the construction period in a large degree. Container building is very suitable for temporary hotels, restaurant, offices etc. Some building need to moved to other site after some years, and container building is good choice, easy to re-recycle and re-use.

Like Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, container building is selected for the construction and completed in 10days.


Tercel container under construction in factory yard:





Tercel container modular unit on the way to Wuhan.




Extended Reading about Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital- China Speed, race against the epidemic

Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, referring to the model of Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital during the fight against SARS in 2003, has built a special hospital in Wuhan staff sanatorium to treat patients with new coronavirus pneumonia. The hospital has a total construction area of 33900 square meters, 1000 beds, ICU and general wards, auxiliary departments such as infection control, inspection, special diagnosis and radiation diagnosis, and no outpatient service.

On January 24, 2020, the relevant design scheme of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital was completed;

On January 29, 2020, the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital has entered the critical period of ward installation;

On the morning of February 2, 2020, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital was officially delivered.

On February 4, 2020, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital began to officially receive patients with newly confirmed pneumonia infected with coronavirus, and received the first batch of patients at about 9:00 that day.

With help of China container building technology, China government completed the coronavirus hospital in 10days. Some photos for your reference.

Container hospital construction Progess 01

Container hospital construction Progess 02

Container hospital construction Progess 03

Container hospital construction Progess 04

Container hospital construction Progess 05Container hospital construction Progess 06

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