Special Containers

Special Containers
Special Containers
Special Containers
Special Containers
Special Containers
  • Special Containers

    Special containers are usually customized per clients’ requirements. Tercel container have rich experience in this field and have offered following special containers to overseas and domestic customers.


    • 40ft extra wide container
    • 48ft high container with guide rail tray
    • Half height open top ore containers
    • Half height mineral containers
    • 40ft Asphalt tank containers
    • New Energy Equipment containers
    • Generator Set Containers
    • Cows shipping containers
    • Livestock shipping containers
    • European Carrier containers
    • Special Machinery Containers
    • Offshore mud skips / waste skips

    Different from other small factories, Tercel have much higher standard for the production of special containers. We normally flow the code/standards of ISO or DNV specifications; and we can offer the full fleet of documentations. However, most of small factories are very hard to offer the strict documents which is necessary part as proof to the project owners. Without those documentations, the goods will take high risk of being rejected by end users.

    Take example of mud skips for offshore drilling operations. Except for the DNV2.7-1 certificate for both containers and slings, we also need to provide: General Arrangement Drawing Approved Drawing By LR/DNV, Inspection And Test Plan(ITP), Material Traceability And Mill Certificate, Welder Qualification Test Certificate, Qualification Certificate Of NDT Personnel, WPS and PQR etc.

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