Offshore Bottle Rack

Offshore Bottle Rack
Offshore Bottle Rack
Offshore Bottle Rack
Offshore Bottle Rack
  • Offshore Bottle Rack

    Tercel container can supply full line of offshore containers and lifting equipment to fulfill the market demand from customers. Common offshore containers including mini container, dry goods container, closed top container, open top container. Except for the mentioned, Tercel can also manufacture and supply offshore bottle rack for gas cylinders which is required to supply gas to offshore drilling operations. Certified drawings, strict production process and guaranteed quality control, all factory works make Tercel offshore bottle rack suitable for offshore lifting and handling of pressured gas bottles.

    Tercel offshore cylinder bottle rack containers is designed, manufactured and certified according to highest international offshore safety standards DNV2.7-1/EN12079. Large qty order of cylinder gas bottle racks can get DNV certified slings and shackles for free as promotion. Per requirements, the cylinder bottle rack can be stacked for 2 or 3 years which save lots of space at site.


    Offshore Bottle Rack Container Key Features

    • Designed, manufactured and certified according to international safety standards DNV2.7-1/EN12079
    • DNV certified slings and shackles could be provided as standard items
    • All primary structure of Tercel bottle rack should be full penetration welding
    • Design Temperature of bottle rack:-40℃ for cold areas, -20℃ for option
    • Two or three layers of bottle rack can be stacked to save site space
    • Forklift pockets on all sides design make it much convenient for field operation
    • Access door can be designed for option, to make the loading/offloading easier
    • Cylinder gas bottle lashing points is a must to secure the installation of bottles
    • Bottle racks painted with Polyurethane Anticorrosive Paint
    • GPS tracker with ATEX Ex-proof standard certificates available for online tracking
    • RFID TAG is available to help for warehousing management.


    Offshore Bottle Rack Container Parameters

    尺寸 L(毫米) W(毫米) 高(mm) 去皮(千克) PAYLD(千克) MGW(千克)
    4ft Bottle Rack 1390 (4.5ft) 1120 (3.6ft) 2352 (7.7ft) 780 2000 2780
    8英尺瓶架 2450 (8ft) 1950 (6.4ft) 2591 (8.5ft) 850 2000 2850



    Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.

    Tercel can customize dimensions and weights per customer’s requirements