Container House Manufacturer China

Container House Manufacturer China
Container House Manufacturer China
Container House Manufacturer China
  • Container House Manufacturer China

    High standard Container house buildings become more and more popular in recent years. It can be designed to container office and container tools warehouse for Antarctic research station, container stadium for International sports events, beach hotels and bars, tourist attractions reception and accommodation etc. The beautiful appearance, creative design, comfortable inside layout and decoration is much impressive to people. It is not easy to offer cost performance container house solutions to fulfill the different market demand, and Tercel only target on high standard container solutions for high end market.


    With rich experience in customized modular solutions, rich experience in DNV certified container, Tercel can help clients to make the unused old containers into beautiful and useful containers for various application. Tercel can also offer the container inside parts like air conditioner, bathroom, furniture and lighting system, thus to providing turnkey customize solutions.


    Tercel container house building can be built with heating, ventilation and cooling system, providing comfortable and convenient environment; PLC based fire and gas detection system, working or living in safe conditions.

    Tercel Container house building Key Features

    • ISO corners and internal lifting pad eyes, convenient for transit
    • Built with Heating, ventilation and cooling, comfortable and convenient environment
    • A60划为安全区域或区II和A60防火阀
    • Container house built with PLC based Fire and gas detection system, sprinkler system
    • Design of Plug and play stand-alone units, much convenient for application
    • water and electricity for each single container is independent, convenient for disassembly and assembly;
    • Heat preservation adopt two layers protection, the first layer adopts PU polyurethane foam and the second layer adopts marine composite rock wool board;
    • Anticorrosive paint and matching waterproof
    • The interior decoration adopts marine decoration standard, which is simple, generous and practical. As Tercel sister company have good business in the marine decoration materials production and sales, this is our advantages to offer high quality container decoration in reasonable prices.
    • 80~90% construction can be pre-fabricated and completed at factory, can speed the whole project at site
    • Convenient to move to next site with higher recycling rate, much cost saving
    • Customized container buildings design according to request from customers, different options to serve customers.


    Big project cases for reference