Offshore Half Height Container

Offshore Half Height Container
Offshore Half Height Container
Offshore Half Height Container
Offshore Half Height Container
  • Offshore Half Height Container

    Half height containers can move between support vessels and offshore platform, to be applied for the transportation of drilling tools, drill bits, centrifuges, pumps, shaker screens and other wearing parts which need to supply continuously during operation.

    Tercel factory have many advantages over our competitors and can benefit customers with better price and guaranteed product. Tercel chief engineer have more than 15years experience in the design and manufacturing of various type offshore container, including half height container; Tercel workers have rich big project experience and can handle the big orders in good way; Tercel have much strict quality control system which can guarantee the product before delivery. Given the half height container is firstly designed by Tercel engineers and approved by DNV/LR, we are sure the half height container can meet the requirements of our customers.


    Half Height Container Key Features

    • Designed, manufactured and Certified in accordance with DNV2.7-1/BSEN 12079
    • DNV Certified slings and shackles supplied together with half height container
    • Stackable design to save space in limited field operation
    • Cargo nets or tarpaulins to protect the cargo from rain or heavy wind supplied
    • Numerous Internal Lashing points are designed to ensure secure transportation of cargos
    • Integrated forklift pockets design for convenient loading and offloading
    • Side door or full side door design available per request
    • Customized cradles and supports can be customized per request
    • Design Temperature: -40℃ for extremely cold environment
    • GPS tracking device available per request, ATEX certified can be provided to fit for Zone II application
    • RFID TAG is available for easy warehousing management


    Half Height Container Parameters

    尺寸 L(毫米) W(毫米) 高(mm) 去皮(千克) PAYLD(千克) MGW(千克)
    10英尺半高 2991 2438 1291 1600 10900 12500
    15英尺半高 4572 2438 1410 3100 15000 18100
    20英尺半高 6060 2438 1205 3080 11920 15000
    25英尺半高 7619 2438 1578 4500 17800 22300
    30ft Half Height 9125 2438 1281 3770 12000 15770
    40ft Half Height 12192 2428 1281 4970 20030 25000



    Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.

    Tercel can customize dimensions and weights per customer’s requirements