• 迷你集装箱

    Tercel offshore Mini container can support the world’s largest fleet of DNV certified CCUs for the offshore drilling platforms and other offshore energy market. Offshore mini container are standard seals containers ideal for the storage and transporting of palletized dry cargoes, IBC tank or non-bulky dry cargoes / weather-sensitive equipment.

    Tercel mini containers is designed and fabricated complied with DNV2.7-1/EN12079 standard/codes; the mini container is supplied with DNV certified slings and shackles for option. Where deck space or yard space is very limited, Tercel mini container is stackable with mini footprint. Door Cargo nets and Mid-shelf can be provided for option. Tercel can customize the dimensions and weights per customer request; also, customer company LOGO and color can be applied to the new brand product, which can be ready to go to jobsite directly.

    Mini Container Key Features

    • Mini Container Complies with DNV2.7-1 and EN12079 Standard
    • DNV Certified slings and shackles for option
    • Design Temperature: -20℃ (-40℃ for option)
    • All primary structure should be full penetration welding
    • Stackable to save space in deck space or yard space
    • Door cargo nets supplied and fitted with a mid-shelf if required.
    • Forklift pockets on four sides provides access to all sides for ease of loading and offloading.
    • Supplied with internal tie down points throughout the interior providing strong points to secure cargo.
    • Painted, with high anti-corrosion performance & compliant with environment protect requirements
    • 聚氨酯防腐漆船舶箱
    • GPS tracker can be attached if required, for option
    • Units can be delivered in customers paint color with logos/decals fitted fully branded, ready to go to work.

    Mini Container Parameters

    尺寸 L(毫米) W(毫米) 高(mm) 去皮(千克) PAYLD(千克) MGW(千克)
    5ft Mini container 1590 1856 2711 1420 4580 6000
    5ft Tall Mini container 1590 1856 2991 1560 4440 6000
    6ft Mini container 1880 1600 2820 1600 5500 7100



    • Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.
    • Tercel can customize dimensions and weights per customer’s requirements