Offshore Waste Skip

Offshore Waste Skip
Offshore Waste Skip
Offshore Waste Skip
Offshore Waste Skip
  • Offshore Waste Skip

    Offshore Waste Skips is popular applied in offshore drilling industry and other offshore industry market. It normally can be used for storage and transportation of unwanted non-hazardous items and solid non-hazardous waste from daily operation for disposal. Some onshore project may also need waste skips with DNV2.7-1 /BS EN12029 certificate in accordance with owner’s project requirements.  Tercel waste skips have many advantages over other brand. Humanized design of Net / tarpaulin securing points on open units and humanized design Cargo restraining nets available for open units. We have drainage points for standard design for both waste skips and mud skips. The 4 way forklift pockets design make it easy for operation and maneuvering.

    Tercel can offer various waste skips like boat shape waste skip, and other types. With details technical specifications, dimension requirements, weight requirements, Tercel can customize offshore waste skips specialized for your own projects. We can also put your company LOGO and color before delivery, to make it ready to go to your project site.

    Offshore Waste Skip Key Features

    • Offshore waste skips Complies with DNV2.7-1 and BS EN12079 Standard
    • DNV Certified slings and shackles for option
    • Design Temperature: -20℃ (-40℃ for option, specialized for Russia and its neighbor customers)
    • Rigid construction for long life, All primary structure should be full penetration welding
    • Stackable in 2 or 3 layers, smaller storage footprint to space workspace
    • Four side forklift pockets, more convenient to pick up mud skips and maneuvering
    • Drainage points are standard on open units, easy for cleaning
    • Net / tarpaulin securing points and Cargo restraining nets available on open units
    • Painted, with high anti-corrosion performance & compliant with environment protect requirements
    • 聚氨酯防腐漆船舶箱
    • RFID TAG can be attached for easy warehousing management, for option
    • GPS tracking device with ATEX certificate is available to track the waste skip position on time


    Offshore Waste Skip parameters

    尺寸 L(毫米) W(毫米) 高(mm) 去皮(千克) PAYLD(千克) MGW(千克)
    7ft waste skip 2134 (7ft) 1524(5ft) 1524 (5ft) 950 5000 5950
    9ft waste skip 2783 (9ft) 2002 (6ft) 2033 (7ft) 1840 5660 7500
    10ft  waste Skip (Low profile) 3000 (10ft) 1942 (6ft) 1160 (4ft) 1360 4640 6000
    13ft waste skip (Low profile) 3965 (10ft) 1829 (6ft) 1504 (5ft) 1390 7610 9000
    14ft waste skip (Low profile) 4331 (14ft) 1860 (6ft) 1650 (5ft) 1600 6400 8000



    • Dimensions and weights may vary as a result of continuous development of our products.
    • Tercel can customize dimensions and weights per customer’s requirements